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Our bikes are assembled from a long-established German bike factory, according to our ideas and needs. We use unisex bikes with low frame and upright seated posture, which provide maximum comfort and safety on the rather short routes round Lake Constance. The different frame sizes offer all cyclists with height from 1.50 to 1.85 an ideal sitting position, for taller guests we have in stock bikes for men with frame sizes 61 and 64. Excellent sprung saddles in various forms and outstanding damping handles help an enjoyable ride without discomfort. All bikes are available in the version with freewheel without coaster brake and with 21-speed gearbox, and with coaster brake in conjunction with a 7-speed gearbox. Since the cycle path is flat, the gradient does not matter. Therefore, you can select the bike with the brake system you are used to. All bikes can be equipped with a spacious saddlebag. Moreover there are plenty of locks. Rates: Rent 10.00 € per day Basket and panniers 2.00 € per piece per day Sale of used bikes: from 130 €


Switch on and start to drive. Enjoy the experience to discover the awesome region around Friedrichshafen and the Lake of  Constance. Do it with the new environmentally friendly e-bikes that you can borrow from us. The nearly silent electric motor supports your natural pedaling and gives you with climbs and headwinds the necessary additional boost.

Rates: Rent 25.00 € per day

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