Discover nature in the border triangle

What could be better than a bike ride along the beautiful shores of Lake Constance, through three countries and so many unique and charming villages and towns. Enjoy the bright sunshine on your face during the day and in the evening the certainty of being at peace with yourself and your body.

With us you will get the right companion for this journey of discovery!

Bikes and e-bikes can be picked up from us daily from 9:00 am and returned no later than 10:00 pm on the last day of rental.

All bikes are equipped with a spacious saddle bag or basket on request, so that you can always carry your valuables comfortably. Of course, child seats or child and dog trailers can also be mounted on the selected bike or e-bike.

It is important to us that every guest receives the optimal bike, so we select the bikes together with you on the pick-up day. We attach great importance to the fact that everyone feels comfortable and safe with the rented bike.

Have a good ride


Our bicycles

We have our bicycles assembled by a long-established German bicycle factory according to our ideas and needs. We rely on unisex bikes with a low frame step-through and an upright seating position, which offer maximum comfort and the greatest possible safety on the rather short Lake Constance stages.

On site we have bikes with different frame heights, which offer the ideal sitting position for all cyclists between 1.50 and 1.85m tall. For taller guests we have men’s bikes with larger frames in stock.


Our e-bikes

Switch on, get on, ride off and enjoy the region around Friedrichshafen and Lake Constance. This is what the new sporty and environmentally friendly e-bikes offer, which you can rent from us.

Experience the ease of cycling with our e-bikes from Haibike, LaPierre, Koga and Winora and take a carefree cycling trip. The almost silent electric motor supports your natural pedaling motion and gives you the necessary extra push on inclines and headwinds.

Rent an e-bike and ride with “built-in tailwind” too!


Price list

Rental object

Price per piece and calendar day


10.00 euro


25.00 euro

Basket and pannier

Children trailer

Dog trailer

Child seat

2.00 euro

11.00 euro

11.00 euro

6.00 euro

Bicycle helmet

3.00 euro

Car parking
(According to availability)

6.50 euro

Sale of used bicycles

Sale of used e-bikes

from 100.00 euro

from 1000.00 euro


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